Smeal Quint
Soapbox mode...

Periodically, I receive an email similar to the following:

> The print option of my menu is greyed out. > Is there a reason I cannot print?

The short answer is that some features (including printing) are reserved for users who have paid the annual license fee.

When a person fills out the online form to download the program, I generally send an email with a temporary validation code; this allows the user to test all program features, including printing.

A significant number of users periodically re-download the program to get another validation code...

...just so they can cheat me out of ten bucks?

I am a retired firefighter (due to a disability injury), and this program is my only source of income other than my disability pension.

ShiftCal comprises over 50,000 lines of code that I have painstakingly maintained for many years.

I suspect that most of the people who download the program expect to be paid for the work that they do...

Is it unreasonable for me to expect the same?

In the words of Russ Parks, my Engineer for many years, "Pay up, cheapskate!"

Okay, soapbox mode off.

Are you sorry you asked?

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