Smeal Quint
Printing Wallet Calendars

ShiftCal prints wallet-sized calendars on both sides of perforated business card stock, generating ten cards per 8˝"x11" sheet. If the printer is set to "Portrait" mode, the individual cards will be in Landscape mode.

Printer "Landscape" mode yields Portrait mode cards with room for several lines of text at the top of each card. This text is usually printed in the same font as the calendars, but the user may apply the specified Title and Header fonts by selecting the Settings | Autoscale Fonts option.

A "Print Other Side" dialog will pop up while the first six months are printing. Return the sheet(s) to the input tray and click on the "Ok" button to print the next six months on the other side.

"Wallet" is the fourth tab in the Print Options dialog.

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