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Printing Daily Organizer Pages

ShiftCal can scale daily organizer pages to fit within the user-defined printable region of nearly any page size supported by the printer.

"Organizer" is the third tab in the Print Options dialog.

Organizer pages are normally printed on both sides of the page, using the "Two-sided Printing" option provided in many printer drivers.

When printing on both sides of the page, the odd page number prints on the front and the even page prints on the back. The "From" date and/or "To" date are automatically modified so that each page is printed on both sides.

The exception to this behavior is when a month ends on an odd number: the back of the page will be left blank (so that the first of the next month is printed on the front side of a new sheet of paper).

We suggest printing daily organizer pages in small quantities (e.g. a month at a time) to make it easier to keep the pages in sync. One of our printers occasionally picks up two sheets of paper when printing on the second side of the page, so we have to reprint one page and resume single-sided printing on the rest of the stack.

Use the File | Page Setup option to set page orientation and printer margins.

Single-sided printing can be forced by placing an entry in the .ini file; contact for details.

Organizer page with messages: July 4-5, 2020

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