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Shift Schedules (ini files)

The following is a partial list of Shift Rotation Schedules currently on file.

To make one of these .ini files the default, download the file and save it with the filename "shiftcal.ini" in the application data directory. Depending upon your version of Windows (tm), this may be any of several places.

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11 use the following convention:


Other users on the same computer who do not have a username directory in the "Documents and Settings" folder will find that the program defaults to the "My Documents" directory.

For further details, see the FAQ: Where are my files?

CalFire ( CalFire.htm 72/96 w/"bump"
Camp Pendleton Fire CPFD.htm 48/48 w/RDOs
Carlsbad Fire Department CBD.ini 4's & 6's
Central Fire Prot Dist CFPD.htm 48 on/96 off
Culver City Fire Dept CulverCity.ini48 on/96 off
Garden Drove Fire Dept GardenGrove.htmwork 5/off 6
Kern County Fire Dept Kern_Co.ini Unique 3-plt
Los Angeles City Fire Dept LA_City.ini 3's & 4's
Los Angeles Co. Fire Dept LA_Co.ini 2/2 & 2/4
Lancaster Fire (LA County) Lancaster.htm 2/2 & 2/4
Marin County Fire Dept MarinCo.ini 3's & 4's
Metro Fire (Sacramento) Sacto.ini 3's & 4's
Norco Fire Department Norco.ini 2 on/4 off
Oceanside Fire Dept OCS.htm 4's & 6's
Ontario Fire Dept Ontario.htm 4's & 6's
Ontario Int'l Airport OAP.htm 48 on/96 off
Pauma Fire Department Pauma.htm 48 on/96 off
Redlands Fire Dept Redlands.ini 4's & 6's
Riverside County (CalFire) CalFire.htm 72/96 w/"bump"
Sacramento Fire Dept Sacto.ini 3's & 4's
San Mateo County Fire SanMateo_Co.ini2 on/4 off
San Miguel FPD (CalFire) CalFire.htm 72/96 w/"bump"
Santa Clara County Fire SantaClara.ini3's & 4's
Santa Paula Fire Dept SantaPaula.ini3's & 4's
Tracy Defense Depot FD Tracy.htm Unique Federal
Vandenberg AFB Fire Dept Vandenberg.htm48/48 w/RDOs
Ventura County Fire Dept Ventura.htm 3's & 4's
Vista Fire Department VTA.ini 4's & 6's

Other States
182nd Fire DeptIL182nd-FD.htm 48/72 - 48/48
Albemarle County VAAlbemarleCo.ini3's & 4's
Amarillo TXAmarillo.htm 3's & 4's
Anacortes WAAnacortes.ini 3's & 4's
Arcadia FLArcadia.ini 3's & 4's
Ashland ORAshland.htm 48 on/96 off
Baltimore MDBaltimore.htm 4-platoon
Brevard County FLBrevard.htm 24 on/48 off
Bullhead City AZBullhead.ini 3's & 4's
Cambridge MACambridge.ini 4-platoon
Cannon Falls MNCannonFalls.htm3's & 4's
Casa Grande AZCasaGrande.htm24 on/48 off
CCAS-KSC FLCCAS-KSC.ini 24 on/48 off
Champaign ILChampaign.ini 24 on/48 off
Charlottesville VACharlotte.ini 3's & 4's
Chicago ILChicago.htm 24 on/48 off
Clarksburg WVClarksburg.ini 3's & 4's
Clearwater FLClearwater.ini 3's & 4's
Duquesne Univ EC/PP PADuquesne.htm Unique 5-memb
Eagle River COEagleRiver.ini 48 on/96 off
Fairfax Co VAFairfax.ini 3's & 4's
Fargo NDFargo.ini 3's & 4's
Grand Ledge MIGrandLedge.htm 3's & 4's
Great Lakes ILGreatLakes.htm 2-platoon RDO
Henrico Co VAHenrico.ini Unique FLSA
Hibbing MNHibbing.htm 4's & 6's
Houston TXHouston.htm 4 platoon
Kennewick WAKennewick.ini 3's & 4's
Lansing MILansing.htm 2-Plt w/RDO's
Lincoln NELincoln.ini 7's & 8's
Lorain OHLorain.htm 3's & 4's
Marco Island FLMarcoIsland.ini24 on/48 off
Melbourne FLMelbourne.ini 24 on/48 off
Noble OKNoble.htm 48 on/96 off
North Charleston SCNCharleston.ini24 on/48 off
N Co Reg Fire Auth WANCRFA.htm 3's & 4's
Oak Ridge NCOakRidge.ini Unique 21-day
Omaha NEOmaha.ini 5's & 6's
Paducah KYPaducah.ini 24 on/48 off
Payson AZPayson.htm 48 on/96 off
Palm Beach Co FLPalmBeachCo.ini24 on/48 off
Phoenix AZPhoenix.ini 24 on/48 off
Pittsfield MAPittsfield.ini 3's & 4's
Plainville MAPlainville.ini 4 platoon
Prineville ORPrineville.ini 3's & 4's
St. Paul MNStPaul.htm 4's & 6's
Salem VASalem.htm 21-day 3-Plt
Satellite Beach FLSatellite.ini 24 on/48 off
SeaTac WASeaTac.ini 3's & 4's
Seattle WASeattle.htm 4 platoon
Simpsonville SCSimpson.ini 24 on/48 off
Shreveport LAShreveport.ini 5 on/6 off
Tri-State FPD ILTriState.ini 24 on/48 off
Valdez AKValdez.ini 3's & 4's
Virginia MNVirginia.htm 4's & 6's
Youngstown OHYoungstown.ini 24 on/48 off

Regina / Saskatoon SKSaskatoon.htmSplit Shift

Souda Bay Federal FireSouda.htm 48/48 4/8
U.S. Coast Guard Fire USCG.htm 72/96 5-week
U.S. Postal Service USPS.htm 6-platoon
US Veterans Affairs VAFD.htm 48 on/72 off
Five-Day Work Week WorkWeek.iniMon-Fri

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