Smeal Quint
Google Calendar

If you use an Android cell phone, you can have your shift schedule displayed in the built-in "Calendar" application using iCalendar files generated by SC2ICal, a utility that installs with ShiftCal (Windows version).

A Google Mail (GMail) account is a prerequisite for setting up an Android phone, so if you don't already have a GMail account, you will be prompted to create one.

Once you have your account set up, your Google Mail, Contacts, and Calendar are automatically synchronized. Example: if you log into your GMail account on your computer and add people to the Contact list, they will automatically appear on your cell phone.

Similarly, events and appointments entered in the Calendar application on your cell phone will appear on your desktop computer (and vice versa).

Use the SC2ICal utility to generate a set of iCalendar files, then import them into Google Calendar on your desktop computer. You can then browse the calendar on your computer or your cell phone; you can even embed the calendar in a web page.


Instructions for setting up Google Calendar and merging iCalendar data can be found in the SC2ICal help file.

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