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Copy an Existing Ini File to "shiftcal.ini"

Use an Existing Ini File as the Default Shift Schedule

When the program is first installed, the default shift schedule file, shiftcal.ini, does not exist. Several sample ini files appear in the user's data directory, as well as a zip file containing about fifty more. Additional ini files can be downloaded from the web site.

If one of the existing sample files matches (or at least is similar to) the user's shift schedule, copy that file to "shiftcal.ini". The new shiftcal.ini can then be edited (from ShiftCal, from CalMod, or manually) as required.

Using Windows Drag-and-Drop to create a copy of a file

Run ShiftCal and select File | Ini to bring up the ini file dialog.

While holding down the [Control] key, click and drag to create a copy.

Control key + click and hold

That is, hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse to an open spot in the file dialog.

A small "plus" will appear in a box next to the mouse cursor to confirm that you are copying;
in Windows Vista, 7 and 8, the words "Copy to directory-name" will appear after the plus:

Creating a copy by dragging the file

Release the mouse button and a file named "Copy of [filename]" will appear at the end of the list;
in Windows Vista, 7 and 8, "- Copy" will appear at the end of the filename (before the filename extension):

New file created: 'Copy of la_city.ini'

Right-click on the copy, and select "Rename" from the context-sensitive menu:

Select 'Rename' from the local menu

Rename the copy to "shiftcal.ini" and press the [Enter] key: File has been renamed to shiftcal.ini

When ShiftCal starts, it will load the information in "shiftcal.ini" and display the user's shift schedule.

For further information, contact Tech Support.

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