Smeal Quint

Paste from Clipboard

If you haven't created a shift schedule yet, this is the screen you will see on startup. Touch the Help tab.
Touch the List of Shift Schedules link to go to the web site.
Select a shift schedule from the list.
Perform a long press to select text for copying.
If available, touch the Select All icon at the top of the screen; otherwise, drag the delimiters to select all of the text.
Touch the Copy icon to copy the highlighted text to the clipboard.
If you plan to access other shift schedules, touch the Back button.

To proceed, touch the Recent Apps button at the bottom of the screen.
Select the "ShiftCal Split" tab to return to the application.
Switch to the Schedules tab.
Select the Paste from Clipboard tab.

If it is not visible, press the left- or right-arrow in the toolbar near the top of the screen; there are three sub-tabs under the Schedules tab.
If you do not have a startup file yet, the name "ShiftCal" will be entered for you.

If the field is empty, type in a filename.

Some schedules will offer a filename (which you may edit) when you touch the Paste button.
Touch the Save button to write the contents to a file and to display the calendar.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor; we suggest a good single-malt.

Shift schedules may also be Edited Manually

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