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Edit Manually

Use this technique if your shift schedule does not appear in the Shift Schedules list, or if you already have the information at hand.

Notes: this tab is scrollable; for better access to items at the bottom of the page, drag it upwards with your finger. To retract the virtual keyboard, touch the tab title ("Edit Manually").

Type a Filename in the edit control; this name will appear in your pick list.

Key Point: create a file named "ShiftCal" to have it automatically load on startup.

Key Point: Android filenames are case-sensitive. It will allow files named "ShiftCal" and "shiftcal" to exist at the same time, but only one will be displayed, and only "ShiftCal" will load automatically on startup.

Type an Agency Name in the edit control; this name will appear as the title on your calendar.

Enter the Number of Platoons (usually 4; valid range 2 to 6).

Select a Start Date using the date picker tool. Good choices are A-shift's first day back from a multi-day, or the first day of the current month.

Enter the Day Shift Rotation for one full cycle starting on Start Date.

Enter the Night Shift Rotation for one full cycle starting on Start Date.

A trivial example: for a Day/Day/Night/Night/Off/Off/Off/Off rotation: AABBCCDD for Days, DDAABBCC for Nights.

See the shift schedules posted on the shift schedules page, or submit your schedule for inclusion.

Touch the Set Colors button to save current settings and go to the color selection tab.

Touch the button for each platoon to assign a color.

(Optional) Touch the LdTr (Leading/Trailing) button to select a color for lead-in dates.

(Optional) Touch the BkGr (Background) button to select a background color. If you work with multiple shift schedules, consider assigning a unique background color to your primary schedule.

If your schedule uses Kelly Days, Debit Days, or RDO's, touch the X button to select a color.

Touch the Save button to write the information to a file and to display the calendar.

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